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New Mexico Based - Est. 2010

While Paige’s organization, the venue, and gorgeous details were incredible and enough to make a photographer’s heart burst with joy…my favorite part about Paige & Garret’s wedding day was the people. The level of energy and joy brought by the family, bridal party, and guests spoke volumes about the kind of couple Paige & Garrett are.

Ranch Weddings

June 25, 2021

Tabor Ranch Wedding California | Paige & Garrett

I was obsessed with this Red Bluff California Ranch Wedding before I ever got there. Not only because I fell in love with Cole & Elsie during their Moab Utah Engagement session, but also because I’d been watching from afar as Elsie and her planner Jodi of CES Weddings shared behind the scenes stories of their preparations.  Their creation […]

Ranch Weddings

October 24, 2018

Red Bluff California Ranch Wedding | Cole & Elsie

Red Bluff California Ranch Wedding

Homegrown succulents. Red vintage trucks. Handmade leather accents. Turquoise Jewelry. This California Ranch Wedding at the foot of the Sutter Buttes was singing my language! But even more than the pretty venue, the gorgeous details or GLORIOUS sunset lighting…working with this couple and their kind families just made my heart so happy. 

Ranch Weddings

September 16, 2017

California Ranch Wedding | Jake & Lisa

Even more meaningful and beautiful than all the pretty details and the stunning location was the way the newlyweds laughed with each other…being themselves and absolutely enjoying the best day of their lives. 

Ranch Weddings

May 14, 2017

California Ranch Wedding Photography | Clayton & Natalie

Jake had bought a ring and was keeping it under the backseat of his pickup. And one fine Tuesday he was headed home from a neighboring town where he’d picked up some seed and decided, (his words), “Today is as good as any.” So when he got home he went into the house where Lisa was folding laundry on the couch and mentioned that he need her to go pick up a horse for him. While she was getting her purse ready he dropped to one knee. A few minutes later Lisa was following her brand-new-fiance as he drove a tractor down the road…trying to get a good picture of her ring while driving a truck and trailer to go pick up a horse. 

Couples & Engagements

March 21, 2017

California Ranch Engagement Photography | Jake & Lisa

Through photography, I have gotten to see a lot of ranch country and meet a lot of folks. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that while we may do things differently, or call stuff by different names…the ranchers, cattlemen, cowboys, and buckaroos I have photographed this year all have one thing in common.

Cowboy Lifestyle

November 2, 2016

Cowboy Photography | California Ranch Branding

Curtis and Lauren were married under golden oak trees surrounded by family and dear friends on a beautiful ranch. Everything about the day was filled with love and happiness…from the dress reveal with Lauren’s dad to the moment the newlyweds spun out on the dance floor with the rays of setting sunlight that streamed into the barn. 

Ranch Weddings

October 18, 2016

California Ranch Wedding Photography | Curtis & Lauren

While Natalie was raised around horses, she was all things English, refined and pink. Set up as a “joke” by some mutual friends who thought it would be a funny prank, Natalie met Clayton at a Halloween party where she wasn’t thrilled with the first impression. But then Clayton invited her to come out to his families generational ranch to help him gather cattle. Fascinated by an entirely different culture, Natalie agreed and so began the journey of falling in love with a cowboy and learning to blend her English background with his Western heritage! 

Couples & Engagements

August 6, 2016

California Ranch Engagement Photography | Clayton & Natalie

Traveling to California for this couple’s ranch engagement was so completely worth it! Besides the fact that Curtis and Lauren are such a handsome couple I was so tickled about the water, green and flowers everywhere! Something this southwest girl doesn’t get to play in very much! 

Couples & Engagements

March 28, 2016

California Cowboy Engagement Photography | Curtis & Lauren