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I’d never met Christian before the whirlwind of the shoot but I could see right away why Taylor beams so much when she talks about him. They are the most adorable couple and the way they two looked at each other…even with half a dozen camera’s pointed at them…just melted my heart.

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August 14, 2017

Santa Fe New Mexico Couple Session | Christian & Taylor

But as wonderful as these two are…let’s face it…it was really their Red Heeler that was the real star of the session. And truth be told, I’ve NEVER liked Heelers…at all. But by the end of the session Cash had dramatically changed my opinion and I was having to eat some of my anti-heeler words.

Couples & Engagements

June 8, 2017

Tennessee Couple Portraits at Strong Stock Farm | Jeff & Christina

So while Trista had an idea of who he was, Luke had no idea she existed until he showed up to help the family brand one day and saw her for the first time. They laughed as they told me how, when the work was done and everyone was loaded and ready to head back to the house, Trista’s sister not-so-subtly rigged it so they were left riding together in the same pickup.

Couples & Engagements

April 14, 2017

New Mexico Ranch Engagement Photography | Luke & Trista

Sam had threatened to “fake propose” a few times before actually popping the question, so when he got down on one knee Lydia wasn’t convinced. But he’d picked up the ring earlier that day and simply could not wait any longer to REALLY ask the girl he could imagine a lifetime with to be his bride.

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April 3, 2017

White Sands New Mexico Engagement Photography | Sam & Lydia

Jake had bought a ring and was keeping it under the backseat of his pickup. And one fine Tuesday he was headed home from a neighboring town where he’d picked up some seed and decided, (his words), “Today is as good as any.” So when he got home he went into the house where Lisa was folding laundry on the couch and mentioned that he need her to go pick up a horse for him. While she was getting her purse ready he dropped to one knee. A few minutes later Lisa was following her brand-new-fiance as he drove a tractor down the road…trying to get a good picture of her ring while driving a truck and trailer to go pick up a horse. 

Couples & Engagements

March 21, 2017

California Ranch Engagement Photography | Jake & Lisa

Redden knew he’d found the one and last fall took her back to a friends ranch in Wyoming where they rode out horseback to the top of a bluff. Meg was perfectly content to enjoy the beautiful view from the back of her horse and totally didn’t understand why Redden kept insisting she get down. Once he talked her down off her horse, he popped the question, and she said yes to forever with him!

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March 17, 2017

Oregon Ranch Engagement Photography | Redden & Meg

A friend once told me “You can’t swing a cat without hitting a photographer! There are so many!”

And they are INCREDIBLE, legit, bad-to-the-bone, crazy skilled photographers. You really can’t go wrong if you hire anyone who is an experienced professional. 

So how in the world do you ever decide WHICH photographer when there are 47 million to choose from? 

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years….

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March 1, 2017

How to choose the right Wedding Photographer for YOU! 

Years before, when she accepted a random facebook-friend request from a “decent looking guy,” Tori didn’t realize their lives had been so interconnected since their childhood. They’d grown up in the same area and Steven remembered seeing her playing with toads as a little girl and thought her hair looked like an upside-down mop. 

Couples & Engagements

February 15, 2017

Sedona Arizona Engagement | Steven & Tori

I’ve been able to travel the country from one end to the other this year photographing couples and weddings on beautiful ranches of all shapes and sizes…but this place in the Canyonlands of Utah takes the cake. 

Couples & Engagements

October 12, 2016

Utah Ranch Engagement Photography | Ricky & Alyssa