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New Mexico Based - Est. 2010

They were both raised in New Mexico and met when attending collage at NMSU in Las Cruces. She was a studious 4.0 student in the front row of the classroom and he was, as she calls him, the “gentle giant” who she had a crush on. I laughed when she said he was oblivious to […]

Couples & Engagements

November 1, 2018

Santa Fe New Mexico Engagement | Bodie & Rachel

santa fe new mexico

I’d never met Christian before the whirlwind of the shoot but I could see right away why Taylor beams so much when she talks about him. They are the most adorable couple and the way they two looked at each other…even with half a dozen camera’s pointed at them…just melted my heart.

Couples & Engagements

August 14, 2017

Santa Fe New Mexico Couple Session | Christian & Taylor

Jimmie and Sarah’s Santa Fe Destination Wedding was one that brought the feeling of anticipation and joy that comes when something that has been longed for and dreamed of is coming to life. Southwestern-inspired and accented with black, gold and cactus, the luxurious Inn at Lorettoand historic Loretto Chapel were the perfect setting for this special celebration.

Ranch Weddings

November 19, 2016

Santa Fe Destination Wedding Photography | Jimmie & Sarah

 Sarah first knew she had a keeper when, in an attempt to set up a special date, she managed to burn down the faithful old canvas tent (and everything else nearby) that been many cowboying miles with Jimmie. When he found out, rather than being upset, his biggest concern was making sure no one had been hurt trying to put the fire out. 

Couples & Engagements

August 21, 2016

Santa Fe Destination Engagement Photography | Jimmie & Sarah