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His friends gave him heck and said that he wouldn’t be brave enough so say hi, so he hopped up, marched over and interrupted her mid-sentence in a conversation to introduce himself…She thought that was rude.

Couples & Engagements

January 29, 2020

Sandia Mountain Winter Engagement | Travis & Kiana

Gabe had friends tell him he couldn’t buy her love…but letting Reata rope all day at a branding without ever having her work the ground was a start. When she didn’t seem to get the hint he followed up with a friendly facebook message to say thanks for the help that day.

Couples & Engagements

September 10, 2019

Sheridan Wyoming Ranch Engagement | Gabe & Reata

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After you see the wedding dress-shot with Sophie the Holstein heifer…you’ll have to agree with me Zeb & Joren have a thing for “show-stealing” holsteins. And while this isn’t remotely a “Dairy Wedding”, if you read their story on their engagement session blog, you’ll understand why it was perfectly fitting that Piper, the matriarch milk cow, attended this ranch wedding ceremony. And I’m not even kidding you, she bawled (mooed) at all the right parts. 

Ranch Weddings

September 9, 2018

Montana Ranch Wedding | Zeb & Joren

It wasn’t just the high mountain allergies making the onlookers sniff during this ceremony. Neither was it the sun making their kids and grandkids eyes water. It was the way Chane and Amy looked at each other during their meaning-filled, non-traditional ceremony where they were attended by their children, danced and shared their story (which you can read more of from their engagement)…setting the stage for their vows to each other and their families.  

Ranch Weddings

July 12, 2018

New Mexico Ranch Wedding | Chane & Amy

Jess is an Ohio country girl who longed for the west. Fresh out of high school, she loaded up her car and started towards Arizona. Along the way she got a job on a large ranch in New Mexico and met Jim, the cowboy in the bunkhouse on the other side of the corrals. Their first date was a campfire on Valentine’s day two years ago.

Couples & Engagements

February 19, 2018

New Mexico Adventure Photography | Jim & Jess

So while Trista had an idea of who he was, Luke had no idea she existed until he showed up to help the family brand one day and saw her for the first time. They laughed as they told me how, when the work was done and everyone was loaded and ready to head back to the house, Trista’s sister not-so-subtly rigged it so they were left riding together in the same pickup.

Couples & Engagements

April 14, 2017

New Mexico Ranch Engagement Photography | Luke & Trista

 A LOT of people WANT to be a traveling photographer but very few have actually booked paying destination clients. I get asked almost daily through social media, emails and phone calls…”What’s your secret to becoming a traveling photographer?”

Learning & Resources

March 18, 2017

Myths and Truths about becoming a Traveling Photographer

Redden knew he’d found the one and last fall took her back to a friends ranch in Wyoming where they rode out horseback to the top of a bluff. Meg was perfectly content to enjoy the beautiful view from the back of her horse and totally didn’t understand why Redden kept insisting she get down. Once he talked her down off her horse, he popped the question, and she said yes to forever with him!

Couples & Engagements

March 17, 2017

Oregon Ranch Engagement Photography | Redden & Meg

Years before, when she accepted a random facebook-friend request from a “decent looking guy,” Tori didn’t realize their lives had been so interconnected since their childhood. They’d grown up in the same area and Steven remembered seeing her playing with toads as a little girl and thought her hair looked like an upside-down mop. 

Couples & Engagements

February 15, 2017

Sedona Arizona Engagement | Steven & Tori