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Ranch Wedding Photography

New Mexico Based - Est. 2010

Jesse & Trissta planned a small, simple, laid-back wedding day surrounded by their closest friends and family. Their standing-ceremony took place at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountains, followed by a hike along String Lake where it all started…meeting through mutual friends while tubing on Leigh Lake.

Ranch Weddings

August 30, 2018

Jackson Wyoming Ranch Wedding | Jesse & Trissta

She’d met Jesse through mutual friends after moving to Jackson Wyoming and while he’d been hinting at more, she held him at arm’s length. But he waited…oh so gently winning her heart over. Then last August he proposed with the solar eclipse. When she said in awe “Look, it really is a ring!” he held up the ring to the sun and said “Yeah, look at that ring.”   

Couples & Engagements

March 30, 2018

Jackson Wyoming Engagement Photography | Jesse & Trissta

There aren’t many words that can describe how beautiful the Teton Mountains are above Jackson Hole Wyoming. I knew when I was going to be in the area that I had to set up a styled shoot and I couldn’t wait for it to finally happen! And get this! Our location was the same place where scenes from the old western movie “Shane” was filmed at!

Ranch Weddings

September 12, 2016

Jackson Hole Wyoming Wedding Photography | Styled Teton Bridal Shoot