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To simplify, I'm a cowboy's wife, ranch-kid mama, rural living home-maker (hallelujah Amazon Prime!) and traveling photographer capturing the love & life stories of our western culture. 

This is where I share my recent weddings and couples.

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Pagosa Springs Colorado Engagement | Joseph & Elisabeth

There really isn’t a word that can even begin to encompass how breathtaking Joseph and Elisabeth’s engagement session in the mountains outside of Pagosa Springs Colorado was.

I’m extra partial to this neck of the San Juan Range since my family’s place is over the mountain from where we were shooting. Platoro area, if anyone cares…thank you, great granddad. So I knew when Elisabeth said they wanted pictures there with the leaves changing I knew it was going to be incredible.

Anyone who’se drug a trailer through the mountains knows we weren’t going anywhere fast. And if you are gonna be stuck in a truck crawling down a road for over an hour you want it to be with Joseph and Elisabeth. We compared ranch country. Got lots of bears? Yah? [Insert my story where I almost got Nelson ate. Great ranch wife moment.] Really, Moose? Didn’t realize they were so thick up here now. Got good catch dogs? I know the guy you got that pup from! Need another? Where’s your winter country? Ha didn’t know that was your cousin.

I love hanging out with my couples. Also. Taking pictures of them.

Can’t wait to head back up there for their wedding next year!

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Pagosa Springs Colorado Engagement | Joseph & Elisabeth | Lyndsey Garber Photography

November 1, 2020