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To simplify, I'm a cowboy's wife, ranch-kid mama, rural living home-maker (hallelujah Amazon Prime!) and traveling photographer capturing the love & life stories of our western culture. 

This is where I share my recent weddings and couples.

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Montana Ranch Engagement | Zeb & Joren

Once upon a time, on Instagram, Zeb saw a photo of Joren tacking shoes on a horse. And so begins another social media sparked love story. After a few weeks of messaging back and forth, Zeb drove 13 hours to meet her…but Joren said she was already in love before they ever met in person.

We laughed, talked Montana vs New Mexico ranching and…we met the celebrity milk cow, Piper. At the start of the session, Zeb said “Piper brought the family together” and I just thought “The milk cow?”

But throughout the session I started to put the pieces together. Piper was a bottle calf that Joren raised. And when Joren moved to the ranch…so did Piper…who went to work raising doggie calves, winning everyone’s hearts and even earning herself a true milk cows bell from grandma and a trailer plate that spells “PIPERS RIDE”

Truth is I don’t think Piper gets all the credit. Zeb and Joren together just feels like a natural fit.

Zeb proposed while they were in Hawaii. After convincing Joren to walk out with him into the water he pretended to step on something sharp and collapse. Thinking the worst (are there deadly jellyfish in Hawaii?) Joren grabbed him like she was going to drag him to safety and yelled: “Let’s get out of here!”

As you will see, the ring by Jenson Silver is incredible! I love that Zeb had both of their brands put on it…the families Rocking S brand that has been handed down since 1902 and Jorens…their initials, the brand she bought after moving to Montana.

This ranch (the summer version anyway) completely won my heart! It was breathtaking, GREEN and I can’t wait for it to be the backdrop of their September wedding!

Montana Ranch Engagement | Zeb & Joren | Lyndsey Garber Photography

June 15, 2018