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HoldFast Money Maker | Photography Gear Review

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Finding a practical, comfortable and cute camera strap has been a challenge for me. I’ve tried them all. Joby, Blackrapid, homemade from etsy, wrist straps…and while I liked one or the other for different situations nothing was really a good all-around-strap.

I’m a dual camera kinda girl. At any given time I could have anywhere from 3 to 5 different straps hanging around my neck and off my shoulders. That all together for an all day wedding shoot makes for some sore muscles, tangled gear and a cranky photographer.

I knew I needed something for weddings that looked professional with dress clothes, held multiple cameras and didn’t cripple me. So I started hunting google and asking around. For the most part anything I saw or heard about was straps where I’d “been there, done that”.

Until I found HoldFast and their Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap…the Money Maker.

I hemmed and hawed over the price, details and reviews for a few days before I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself the Brindle Chestnut.

It arrived less than a week later and to say the least, I AM IN LOVE.

The Fit: After unpacking my Money Maker I promptly attached my cameras and heaviest lenses to see how things felt. The new leather was understandably stiff and slightly uncomfortable at first but I know leather takes a little to break in. I tend to be a little (or a lot) clumsy, but I don’t care what happens to me, just so long as my gear doesn’t get hurt! When I am doing a session I am very mobile and am not afraid to crawl on the ground or climb fences in order to capture the image that I want. With the Money Maker I instantly loved how the design held my gear close to my body even when “hands-free”. I may or may not have twirled a time or two to test things out.

The Accessory Clips and Harness Clasps: Camera and lens safety is very important to me. Gear is expensive. I am not rich. In the past I have returned straps that I’ve taken one look at and thought NOPE. Hold Fast’s accessory clip has been tested up to 260 pounds and is boasted to be the worlds only locking camera screw. The clasp used to attach it to the harness is unique and strong. (I have to use two hands to open the clasp.) It would be virtually impossible for the attaching clasp to come open on it’s own!  I screwed the clip  into my camera, clasped it to the harness and never gave it a second thought.

The Leather: I’m a cowboys wife. My husband does leather work and makes some of his own cowboying gear, so I’m not unfamiliar with the quality and types of leather. I felt like the leather used for my Brindle Chestnut certainly wasn’t bad and it’s more than enough for the job it’s intended for. Definitely not something that is going to wear out in the next 100 years if your just packing a camera. Is it something I’d want for saddle gear? Maybe not. 

In Action: The day after I got it I wore the Money Maker for about 5 hours during a ranch branding and by the end it had already started to conform comfortably to my body. Just like a new pair of leather boots getting broke in. I loved that my gear was so secure and easily accessible. I was able to run, climb, bend over and squat without any hinderance at all.

So moral of my story? The Money Maker is worth every penny…even it if is quite a few pennies!


I have gotten so many emails and messages with questions regarding this Money Maker! I thought I would come back and write a quick update! 

What size did you buy? I purchased the size Small. I am 5’4″ and at the time of the original post I weighted around 240. I now weigh MUCH less and am continuing to shrink. The small works great for me but if my arms were ANY longer I would need a Medium or Portrait Sliders. 

Does it work with dresses? YES! Although because of busty issues I don’t like to wear it with sleeveless dresses/shirts just because of how it rubs me. Also dresses or shirts with light/loose/flowing material tend to catch in the sliders.

Do you like the D-Rings? Yes, and no. Back when I first got the Money Maker I had this ridiculous way of using it to help carry/balance a camera bag at the same time for portrait sessions. (You can see a BTS here.) However shortly after that I began shooting with dual bodies for not just weddings but all other sessions as well. Since then I’ve had no need for the D-Rings and they do sometimes snag my hair…but not enough that I put my hair up for every session.   

Would you buy it again? In a heartbeat! In fact I would want to sit down and bawl if I had to shoot a wedding without my Money Maker! I’ve now used this money maker for almost 20 weddings and it doesn’t even show signs of wear or abuse…and I am HARD on my gear! I doubt I will ever have to replace it! Although I do think I might get a black one sometime…

Can you flank calves while wearing it? Yes and I’ve done it. Wouldn’t call it a wise move but it is a move you CAN make when you have too. 

BTS Photo Credit to Mia Cauzza. 

HoldFast Money Maker | Photography Gear Review



Hold Fast Money Maker | Photography Gear Review

July 14, 2014