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Ranch Wedding Photography

New Mexico Based - Est. 2010

Nolan and Julia had #onebellofawedding on the beautiful rolling farm where Julia was raised in Pennsylvania. When I met these two for their Texas engagement session I loved hearing their story. And that story came to life as we walked through the wedding day…”This is the spot where I snuck out to make out with Nolan after dark…and got caught.”

Photography, Ranch Weddings

July 29, 2019

Somerset Pennsylvania Farm Wedding | Nolan & Julia

They got ready in their childhood homes just down the road from each other, shared the most touching first look in the meadow near where they will build their first home, were officiated by their dads and surrounded the entire day with friends and family who were simply beaming as these two started the next chapter of their lives together. 

Ranch Weddings

August 21, 2018

Arizona Ranch Wedding Photography | Kole & Elisabeth

Homegrown succulents. Red vintage trucks. Handmade leather accents. Turquoise Jewelry. This California Ranch Wedding at the foot of the Sutter Buttes was singing my language! But even more than the pretty venue, the gorgeous details or GLORIOUS sunset lighting…working with this couple and their kind families just made my heart so happy. 

Ranch Weddings

September 16, 2017

California Ranch Wedding | Jake & Lisa

Curtis and Lauren were married under golden oak trees surrounded by family and dear friends on a beautiful ranch. Everything about the day was filled with love and happiness…from the dress reveal with Lauren’s dad to the moment the newlyweds spun out on the dance floor with the rays of setting sunlight that streamed into the barn. 

Ranch Weddings

October 18, 2016

California Ranch Wedding Photography | Curtis & Lauren

Trace & Sadee said “I Do” on this beautiful ranch in the high desert of Arizona just outside of the sleepy town(s) of Eagar/Springerville. Trace had grown up on the Bar Flying V Ranch and getting married there just felt natural. 

Ranch Weddings

June 14, 2016

Arizona Ranch Wedding Photography | Trace & Sadee

I still vividly remember the moment as a kid when I decided I wanted to be a photographer. As the local veterinarians daughter I’d gone to work with daddy and we’d been vaccinating heifers on a rural New Mexico ranch. As usual we had been invited inside for lunch by the ranch wife and I was standing in their rustic living room when I looked up and saw a picture above the mantle. It was a picture of a cowdog working cattle and the horseback cowboy in the background. That photo made such a huge impression on me I thought “I want to take pictures like that!”

Cowboy Lifestyle, Rural Ranch Life

May 26, 2016

Cowboy Photography | Branding Calves 2016