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To simplify, I'm a cowboy's wife, ranch-kid mama, rural living home-maker (hallelujah Amazon Prime!) and traveling photographer capturing the love & life stories of our western culture. 

This is where I share my recent weddings and couples.

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Cliff New Mexico Ranch Engagement // Troy & Aspen

They’d been working cows with Aspens family on her grandparent’s place outside Cliff New Mexico and afterward, everyone gathered at the house for a meal. There was some extended family that showed up as well but Aspen didn’t think much of it until everyone gathered in a circle for what she assumed was going to be a prayer for the meal.

“And then Troy started talking…”

She doesn’t remember what all he said, but we all know she said yes!

On the day of their engagement session, we arrived early and went out to pick spots for our session. There was very little chance of rain forecasted and, while the ranch desperately needed rain, the monsoons were late. But we joked that Nelson had thrown in umbrellas and maybe that would jinx the weather and make it rain.

And it did. By that afternoon it was pouring cats and dogs. Arroyos was running, lightning was popping all over and I was weakly repeating my usual “It always works out” mantra while everyone was looking at me like I was insane.

But it worked out. Perfectly. We managed to skirt the edge of the storm the entire session and had the best timing at each of our locations! Arriving just as the rain quit or finishing just as it started!

And nobody dared cuss the rain, cause #ranchlife.

Nelson and I can’t wait to hang out with these two again at their wedding this fall. And are hoping and praying everything goes smoothly for them between now and then with all the COVID stuff jerking brides around grooms around so much.

July 26, 2019