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Productive Side Effects: Superwoman, Chill Your Britches

Productive Side Effects: Superwoman, Chill Your Britches

I’m writing this not from a position of having figured this out. I’m not writing this as someone who can say “I did X, Y & Z and now everything is just hunky-dory.” I’m writing this as a wife, mom, and businesswoman who is addicted to the over-glorification of being busy and productive.

Because, not to brag, but I run circles around a lot of people. I’m driven and focused. I’m superwoman.

But I haven’t always been this way. Go back 5 years ago I was sick, sloppy, depressed and the only thing I was “productive” at was watching photography tutorials and living on social media.

How’d I go from THAT to THIS?

A few years ago I decided that I would just make my bed. Everyday. And at the end of the day, even if it was the ONLY thing I accomplished all day…ATTA-GIRL ME! And then, when I had that under control, I determined not to leave clothes on the floor. And then I got better at the dishes. In 2015 I wrote: How Routines Have Changed My Life

The more victories I had over area’s of my life, the more motivated I was to keep reaching for more. And in the process, I became addicted to the “high” of lotsa accomplishments.

Side note: Being productive, time management and etc are all wonderful. I attribute my success as a business, my tidy house, my 110% better health and so much more to every single lesson I’ve learned in the last half decade about being a wise stewardess of the time God has given me.

But I have struggles with balance.

I’m in the process of realizing that I base my happiness off of how exactly much or little I accomplish in a given day (or week/year…I’m tracking). And that my self worth bottoms out when I feel like I failed my highfalutin expectations of superwoman.

Besides the unarguable fact that when mama-ain’t-happy-ain’t-nobody happy, my solution to my problem tends to be that I just need to push myself even more. More efficient. More organized. More perfect.

Which only leads to more failure.

Now I’m in a season where I’m started to look up from my extremely categorized planner and realized my high-performance drive and productivity is really just effectively making everyone else around me suffer. Because they don’t care if their undies are washed, dried, folded AND put away when I “have too much to do” in order to be present and available…physically, mentally or emotionally.

Superwoman needs to chill her britches.

Recently I saw this quote: “The most crucial task is to forge more life into your day. This does not mean new to do’s: it means less. It means creating space to think, walk, eat, sleep, read, love, dream.” – Brendon Burchard (Author of the awesome book High Performance Habits, which I obviously listened to on Audible while unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry and cooking dinner. But not while vacuuming anymore. Because, praise Jesus, now I have a Roomba!)

Ironically, as I’m in this not-so-pretty place of trying to do some soul searching and digging into my motives and struggles behind WHY I’m pushing myself so hard, I’ve got people asking me to speak at conferences, guest-blog, do podcasts interviews and have coffee dates to talk about: Productivity & Goals.

And it seems to be what my audience is asking for more of based on the amount of DM’s I’m getting on the subject. Second only to “What camera should I get?”

So what am I going to say?

A lot! Shocking, I know.

I can’t ever go back to waking up with a (weeks worth of) dirty kitchen, every day. The habits I’ve created have helped me become a better person, housewife, and businesswoman. And, used with a dash of balance, WILL create more space for the “think, walk, eat, sleep, read, love, dream” stuff.

So read the books on productivity (actually listen to them on Audible if you want to be efficient LOL) and listen to the podcasts. (Watch Marie Kondo’s “Tidying-Up” on Netflix. Warning it can kinda drag, so you can also just read/listen to the book, I did in early 2015 and it’s powerful when actually applied!) Take baby steps to develop habits that will help you get through the day. Define area’s where you struggle with being productive and fix them.

Example: I don’t take my phone to the bathroom with me, and I don’t plug it in by my bed…why? Because those are the two places I waste the most time on my phone.

BUT don’t allow your own happiness in becoming better at all the things be the sole motive behind everything you do. Superwoman-ing all over your to-do list is worthless if it’s at the cost of driving a destructive need-to-get-it-all-done bulldozer all over everyone who you love and care about.

And If you are where I’m at, the book Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist was one I read over a year ago (yes I’m slow on the upswing) that was my first nudge in towards course correction. I actually read this one as a real, made with paper, book that I had to physically sit down with. Cause that seemed most fitting.


Productivity Side Effects: Superwoman, Chill Your Britches // Copyright Lyndsey Garber

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January 18, 2019

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